Man busted for buying plane tickets just to swipe thousands in merchandise from JFK duty-free shops

Eric Love was cuffed on Tuesday. Police say he lifted thousands in merchandise from JFK duty-free shops.

He’s got a ticket to steal.

Port Authority police busted a thief who bought airline tickets just so he could shoplift thousands of dollars-worth of perfume from duty-free shops at Kennedy Airport, officials said Wednesday.

Investigators busted Eric Love, 50, after they connected him to three massive thefts inside JFK Airport’s Terminal Four. The spree started Jan. 23 when he allegedly stole 18 bottles of Tom Ford, Hugo Boss and Gucci perfumes from a duty-free shop near the terminal gates, officials said.

Love breezed into the shop after going through security and slipped the perfume bottles into a covered opening on his nearly-empty carry-on bag, according to police.

He returned to the same shop on April 2 and stole 12 more bottles of perfume, according to Port Authority Police spokesman Joseph Pentangelo.

He was back on April 14, when he stole six more bottles of perfume from the same shop, then went to a Hudson News store near gate B20 in Terminal Four and stole 18 Fitbit watches, according to cops. The high-tech watches were valued at more than $4,000.

Police say Love stole a total of 52 bottles of perfume worth $14,000 during his three trips, Pentangelo said.

Port Authority cops zeroed in on Love after they realized he routinely bought airfare tickets to Los Angeles International Airport, including the three dates the thefts took place, officials said.

He would sometimes take the flight and other times surrender the ticket looking for a refund, officials said.

A surveillance camera caught Love leaving the airport with a bag full of loot on April 4, according to cops.

Port Authority cops arrested Love when they spotted him back at JFK Airport Tuesday.

He is charged with multiple counts of grand larceny.

His arraignment was pending Wednesday.