Jeffrey Halford and The Healers mix blues and alt-country on ‘Lo-Fi Dreams’

Some people have a knack for telling a story in song. It doesn’t take long on the new album Lo-Fi Dreams to realize that Jeffrey Halford is one of those songwriters with a knack for telling a good story. In this song, Halford sings about a corduroy jacket with abalone buttons that is found in a secondhand shop. Yes, it’s a song about an article of used clothing, but that’s how the good ones show their skill – by writing songs about mundane objects. The easygoing melody of the song is perfect for the story. There is a little Chris Hillman and Gram Parsons influence especially in the pedal steel. There is also a bit of Drive-By Truckers in the keyboards on this song. Halford’s vocals meanwhile are reminiscent of Mike Stinson. This is the kind of song that inspires songwriters to put pen to paper. You’ll also hear some pretty heavy Byrds influence in "10,000 Miles".

"Elvis Shot the Television" is another good example of the realistic quality of Halford’s storytelling abilities. In this bluesy tune, you almost feel like you’re in the hotel room with The King when he shoots at Robert Goulet on the television and the tubes explode.

"Good Trouble" is a song that really grabs the attention right from the beginning. It opens with just the beat before you hear some bluesy slide guitar. The prgan part gives the song a soul sound. Halford’s vocals are a growl at certain points in the song, which fits right in with the blues sound. The lyrics include "Give me a shot. No make it a double. I’m going to get myself into some good trouble," a line that is sure to get people singing along. It closes with a sort of gospel feel, which only makes the song better.

This album is a good mix of blues and alt-country. Halford’s storytelling is impeccable and he sings with an even voice that doesn’t strain. It’s pretty fair to say that this album will fit right into your collection if you enjoy the songwriting and storytelling of Tom Petty and The Byrds. Lo-Fi Dreams is available now.

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