April The Giraffe’s Baby Gender Reveal By Animal Adventure Park Sparks Controversy Among Faithful Viewers

April the giraffe’s baby Gender Reveal by Animal Adventure Park has sparked controversy among faithful viewers. Some are squabbling over the latest update that park owner, Jordan Patch, posted on Facebook about announcing the baby giraffe’s gender.

While April continues her usual routine of pacing, eating, and other behaviors as seen for the last week on Animal Adventure Park’s live cam, fans are anxious to get any piece of information they can related to the new giraffe’s arrival.

The park shared in an earlier Facebook post that the ultrasound doesn’t show the sex of the unborn calf due to the animal’s position in the womb. On Monday, April 3, Patch wrote wrote that people can find out what gender April’s baby giraffe is if they subscribe for the Labor & Baby Announcements text alert for $4.99. The gender reveal will be announced by the park on the text alert before it hits the media in a press release, Patch explained.

Several on Facebook were quick to react to the post. Many are blasting Animal Adventure Park for charging dedicated viewers who’ve tuned into the live cam every day for over a month to watch April the giraffe give birth. The text alert fee of $4.99 goes to a good cause — the Giraffe Conservation Foundation Fund — but some aren’t happy about the charge.

Here are just a random sampling of the grievances posted on the park’s Facebook page Monday morning:

“Why are you limiting only those that subscribe to your text alert ( which cost $$) be first to know??????? WHY can there not be a sign indicating gender and shown on live stream/fb???? Rethink your means of announcing gender. thank you.”

“Question: So the people who have liked your Fb page, read your web site and donated but don’t or can’t sign up for text alerts are left out of the gender announcement????”

“I’m all for supporting endangered animal efforts, but this has gone far beyond that. I’m a little turned off by the whole thing now.”

More are jumping to Animal Adventure Park’s defense over the Gender Reveal decision, and apologizing for those who are complaining:

“The sense of entitlement on this thread is ridiculous- the park doesn’t owe you anything! Sign up for the texts or don’t, the park is simply using their resources to support their platform- conservation.”

“Sad about the complaints on charging for text alerts. Keep in mind all that setting up the website to handle the amount of users isn’t free. Setting up text alerts isn’t free and it all goes to a very good cause, Giraffes. Stop gripping and be glad we were allowed to be able to view this event.”

“The negativity is silly. Quit complaining and enjoy this process. If you can’t pay the $4.99 for the alerts, or are just too stingy, ask a friend to keep you updated.”

Animal Adventure Park responded to the controversy by telling followers that with the technological advances, they can alert people to the baby giraffe’s gender fast than the media. The plan all along was for the Gender Reveal to be disclosed through the press, but the text alert system was a new development and they want to take advantage of it by making subscribers the first to learn the sex of the calf.

The park also reasoned that while standing next to April holding a sign letting viewers know what the gender is of her baby giraffe, they didn’t want to disturb her process of bonding with the calf. It was also justified that “many people may NOT be watching the camera at that moment and not see the gender reveal,” which would give people another avenue to “find reason for complaint on how we chose to do what we wanted to to do with our situation.”

Animal Adventure Park concluded the response by saying that everything has been free for loyal viewers in regards to the live cam and Facebook updates. They continue that “additional options have been participated in by choice” and are intended to help giraffe conservation efforts as well as caring for the park’s giraffes.

The park asks that faithful viewers and followers take into account what investing in the text alert system means.

“At the end of the day, please think of this process on a larger scale, with a global audience, that can and will truly change the perception of conservation needs and support them.”

How do you feel about Animal Adventure Park making the Gender Reveal on the text alert system? Do you think everyone should learn at the same time what April the giraffe’s baby gender is?

[Featured Image by Pablo Basquez Dominguez/Getty Images]